Excelling in service and product delivery since 2012

From its conception in 2012, Blu-Castle was conceived to be a lean and agile global supplier. Working in close partnership with clients, chipset providers and our factories we work to become the bridge that delivers solutions that exceed our clients requirements and their customers’ needs whilst help them increase their revenue and lower their costs without out need of sacrificing quality.

Teaming with the finest global logistic companies ensure us the best and most efficient solutions are presented to our customers.  We offer full logistics from factory or port as needed.  Our post sales procedures ensure that our customer will always receive the best support, and in the very unlike event we have RMA local and global process in place.

Local engagement allows us to ensure market particular requirements are correctly understand, updated and fed into our R&D teams for improvements.  Our local team ensure on site, on time and local knowledge and language are used to ensure the correct understanding and proper support are always available

We participate in the on-going development of industry standards that enable enhanced product performance and end-product interoperability, adding to this close relationship with international laboratories for proper field and lab testing that will constantly feed information into our manufacturing and R&D teams