We are focus on helping our customers maximise their lighting investment, with top quality lighting design teamed with the best engineering skills match with the latest technology. Working as an and ODM & OEM on a per project basis, with teams that have successfully delivered projects across the globe, our objective is to fully understand your requirements to provide you with the right solution.

A considerable number of companies are, now days, requesting lighting products based on their designs and specifications.  Nevertheless this rout does not fit everyone’s needs & some companies, especially those without specific designs, prefer Original Design Manufacturer, which ever your approach we can help you find.

Examples of successful stories are our modular canlight, which allows our customer to modify the beam angle according to their needs and specifications as well as easily exchange the LED component among other features.  Our pendant light has been a great success in open plan offices, allowing designers to create private spaces within the open plan, whilst finding the best balance with natural light.

Wherever you are in this journey, BLU-CASTLE can help you achieve your goals with your luminaries projects, we would like to hear your ideas as well as requirements to better understand your’s and your clients’ needs to provide you with the suited solutions your business deserves.

Contact your BLU-CASTLE regional sales team today to hear more about what we do together.