Cable Modem


At BLU-CASTLE we offer you the best DOCSIS solution for your market, for years we’ve been working close with the main chipset providers to ensure we allways offer the best available technology to our customers. This is no exception for our Cable Modems, our range of DOCSIS modems offer you Wi-Fi 5 4×4 as well as Wi-Fi 6 2×2 or 4×4 ensuring your customers’ are experiencing the full speed of your service all the time.

Wherever stage of Cable Modem your business is, BLU-CASTLE can help you achieve your goals with Cable Modem, we would like to hear your ideas as well as requirements to better understand your’s and your clients’ needs to provide you with the suited solutions your business deserves.

Contact your BLU-CASTLE regional sales team today to hear more about what we do together.