With a team who shares over 50 years of joined expertise, Blu-Castle is a leading supplier of residential and business networking equipment for the telecommunications market; our telecommunication product lines include a range of 5G, LTE, Fibre, Mesh Wireless solutions, as well as Over The Top (OTT) and Android Set Top Boxes (A-STB), among other solutions to suit our customer needs.

We are committed to delivering easy to install and economical solutions to our customers that offer innovative and advanced capabilities – enhancing the service they deliver to their subscribers.

Blu-Castle works with operators, silicon vendors, independent software vendors and manufacturers to identify requirements, appropriate delivery technologies and supply.

Our strategic position in both the telecommunications and technology ecosystems provides us with a unique insight into the market and enhance our ability to help service providers manage the growing complexity of technology.

Blu-Castle’s team have all the necessary skills to help you bring your product to market. Our knowledge and experience ensure that service providers can maximize their product portfolio and technology roadmap. Our local presence allows us to provide you with local support, to ensure your success.

Telecommunication Portfolio:

Mobile Access:

5G and LTE, CBRS and Small Cell

Broadband access:


Android TV and STB:

Android and OTT Set Top Boxes and TVs, smart speakers

In-Home/Enterprise Connectivity:

MESH Wireless, Wi-Fi Extenders, Powerline adapters.


Mobile phones, Fix Phones, LTE-Phone Box


North America

Spain (Head Quarters)

  • Blu-Castle Southern Europe Av. Victoria 25 2nd Floor Offices 15 & 16 Madrid 28023, Spain
  • +34 918260066


  • Blu-Castle México, Centroamérica & Caribbean Tehuantepec 189, Del. Cuauhtémoc, 06760, México
  • +52 5528732633


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