IT Infrastructure &
Components :

As of 2013 Blu-Castle is part of the FIT (Foxconn Interconnect Technology) family, having the distribution rights for EMEA and Latin America for Components.

Working alongside some of the best factories that supply to some of the most known retail brands we have ensure ourselves to be backed by a team of experts in production and engineers who always aims for customer satisfaction; we offer you the highest quality off the shelf products as well bespoke solutions to suit your needs.

we supply a vast and diversified range of Rack, network cable, patch panels, fiber cabling, KVM, smart PDUs and other cabling products and accessories. Backed by a team of experts in production and engineers who always aims for customer satisfaction. We can offer you industry top standard product as well bespoke solution to suit your needs.

Our IT & Infrastructure portfolio includes:

Rack & Cabinets:

Floor standing cabinet, Wall mounted rack, Open rack,

Bespoke cabinets:

Charging cabinets, IP55-65 Outdoor cabinet, IP55-65 Battery cabinet

Data containment:

Patch panels, Fibber patch panel, Network patch panel

Cable management:

PDU socket:

Smart, Industrial, Standard, retractable desktop PDU

KVM switches:

LCD KVM switch, Rack-mounted KVM switch, Desktop KVM switch, Matrix KVM Switch


North America

Spain (Head Quarters)

  • Blu-Castle Southern Europe Av. Victoria 25 2nd Floor Offices 15 & 16 Madrid 28023, Spain
  • +34 918260066


  • Blu-Castle México, Centroamérica & Caribbean Tehuantepec 189, Del. Cuauhtémoc, 06760, México
  • +52 5528732633


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