Accessories & Small Appliances

Over the years, Blu-castle has been working alongside its manufacturers offering a wide range of small appliances for serviced offices, hotels, and other hospitality business, suiting their needs for equipping their bathrooms, kitchens and offices and rooms.

Our IT & Infrastructure portfolio includes:


  • Wine coolers
  • Minibar-Fridge


  • Wine coolers
  • Minibar-Fridge

  • Wine coolers
  • Minibar-Fridge


  • Wine coolers
  • Minibar-Fridge

As of 2018, FIT’s acquisition of Belkin brings further synergies for our accessories and components for key markets where Blu-Castle has a long- and well-established presence.

Blu-Castle's accessories portfolio includes:

Our 3G and 4G trackers can help you locate your most precious things, keep your family safe by creating a safe zone, know if they need help, and know where they are at any time.
Trackers can also help you track belongings like vehicles, find them in a parking lot, track a fleet, analyze data to make your trips more efficient.

A range of wired and wireless headphones and table speakers, from Bluetooth sunglasses with microphone, to bone conducting headphones to keep you safe whilst still connected.

Mobile Chargers:

Customized with your logo for IOS and Android mobiles, we can offer wireless and wired mobile chargers that will suit most known devices in the market.

Small Appliances:

Our hospitality customers have access to a vast portfolio of small appliances for the hospitality sector, from Smart Mirrors to safety boxes, hotel fridges to kettles and hairdryers.


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