13 May 2020 – Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Blu-Castle and Gamgee today announced a strategic partnership to offer high-performing, engaging smart home and Wi-Fi solutions to broadband service providers and their customers worldwide. Blu-Castle and Gamgee will combine their portfolio of wireless and video products, innovative services and engagement tools to deliver high-quality, personalised and life-enhancing consumer experiences. Wi-Fi has become a basic human need as the central connectivity technology within more than a billion homes. With the increasing proliferation of devices, online content and smart home services, the consumers’ demands are growing exponentially. Unfortunately, they feel their needs are met less and less. Broadband service providers, faced with this growing gap and its impact on customer support and satisfaction, look for solutions to satisfy these needs, while driving costs down and creating new revenue opportunities. The strategic partnership between Blu-Castle and Gamgee will support broadband service providers in bringing the best smart home and best home Wi-Fi to the consumers and enabling revenue and cost saving opportunities for themselves. The combined solution offers consumers high-quality Wi-Fi and video equipment, management of the home Wi-Fi network, parental controls, content filtering, security against online intruders and additional privacy with virtual private networking, chatbot support and an in-app commerce platform. “Gamgee’s strong focus on consumer experience and engagement, combined with their world-class software, truly complements the portfolio of Blu-Castle, enabling us to bring more innovative solutions to telecommunication service providers,” says Harold Fitch, the Chief Executive Officer from Blu-Castle.

Chief Executive Officer of Gamgee, Paul Hendriks, further elaborates on the strengths of the partnership: “With the leading product portfolio of Blu-Castle, we can enhance our platform, not only with wireless routers and extenders, but also with home Internet of Things. It also empowers both companies to benefit from a joint market approach. The combined audience and network of Blu-Castle and Gamgee consists of silicon vendors and manufacturers, broadband service providers, value added resellers, retailers, software vendors and hardware manufacturers, which sets a solid ground for their far-reaching impact on the telecom and high-tech industry. Both CEOs underline another important aspect of the partnership: “The international, entrepreneurial, innovative and agile mentality of both teams will take this partnership to another level.”

About Blu-Castle Blu-Castle is a leading supplier of residential and business telecommunications equipment and software to service providers and telecommunications companies around the world. Their solutions help service providers increase revenues and reduce costs. Blu-Castle has a presence throughout Europe, the Middle East, Latin America and Far East Asia, working with operators, silicon vendors, independent software vendors, and manufacturers. The company is powered by Foxconn Interconnect Technology.

Contact details: marketing@blu-castle.com

About Gamgee Gamgee is an innovative, hardware-independent provider of smart home and Wi-Fi management
solutions developed to enhance the digital experience of users at home. Their solution brings broadband
service providers an unprecedented level of customer satisfaction and loyalty, decrease support costs, and opens up new revenue opportunities. Gamgee offers its services worldwide. Contacts:Karl Tempest-Mitchell (karl.tempest-mitchell@gamgee.com
Natalia Pavlovicova (natalia.pavlovicova@gamgee.com)


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