We can manage the logistics of delivering product to you on time, as well as offering flexibility in volume requirements ensuring supply to your customers. 


Our strategic sourcing leverages our strong relationships with the leading suppliers and contract manufacturers and our extensive global market intelligence on device commercialization to provide our partners with valuable insights into the device supply chain.

Our strategic sourcing and business intelligence services include:

Strategic Procurement: We leverage our global pricing benchmarks and product business intelligence to procure devices competitively on behalf of our customers.

Vendor Management: We can manage performance across vendors to drive optimal performance for our customers’ supply chains.

New Vendor Introduction: We can manage new relationships with vendors including product roadmap, marketing, packaging, and other activities and also serve as an original design manufacturer for new products. We help partners build supply chains that our agile, adaptive, and aligned to their business, to reduce cost, improve efficiency, increase innovation and uncover new opportunities for tighter partner collaboration.

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