About Us

A leading supplier of residential and business networking equipment and software to the telecommunications market.

About Us

Blu-Castle is a leading supplier of residential and business telecommunications equipment and software to service providers and telecommunications companies around the world. We develop products to meet the requirements of our customers and the needs of their subscribers, delivering fully configured solutions backed up by local support. Our solutions help service providers increase revenues and reduce cost, while reducing installation complexity and potentially costly follow-up customer support.

Blu-Castle has a presence throughout Europe, the Middle East, Latin America and Far East Asia, working with operators, silicon vendors, independent software vendors and manufacturers to identify requirements, appropriate delivery technologies and supply. Blu-Castle provides expertise across the entire product lifecycle connecting service providers to the right technology at the right time and cost.

Blu-Castle’s presence and strategic position in both the telecommunication and technology ecosystems provide it with unique insight into the market and enhance its ability to help service providers manage the growing complexity of technology available. Blu-Castle’s team have all the skills needed to help service providers bring a product to market, and our knowledge and experience ensure that service providers maximise their product portfolio and technology roadmap.

Blu-Castle propose solutions, identify risk, accelerate development, improve quality, reduce cost and enable remote management, all key factors to ensuring a successful and profitable business. All engagements are undertaken by established local teams with extensive knowledge and experience of the technology and their market.

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